BISE DG Khan Board 9th Class Result 2023

The official declaration of the DG Khan Board 9th class result 2023 has taken place. Candidates have been notified that the BISE DG Khan Board 9th Class Result 2023 is set to be unveiled at 10 AM on August 22nd. Following the release of the 9th class result DG Khan board 2023, candidates can conveniently access their results on this platform.

  • The date for the 9th class result 2023 of DG Khan Board is Tuesday, August 22nd.
  • Students have the option to access and download the 9th class result of DG Khan Board for the year 2023 online.
  • The BISE DG Khan 9th class result 2023 has been simultaneously announced for all boards.

Things to Know About BISE DG Khan 9th Class Result

BISE Dera Ghazi Khan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education
Exam Type Annual Exam
Total marks 550
Commencement of exams 18th April 2023
Result announcement August 2023
Result Status Announced
Check Result Check Online

In the official announcement of the BISE DG Khan 9th class result 2023, the board's authorities not only revealed the individual student outcomes but also presented comprehensive result statistics. These statistics aim to provide a clearer and more insightful understanding of the overall performance. By including details like the overall pass percentage, subject-wise success rates, and other notable developments or improvements from previous years, the board intends to offer students, parents, and educators a more holistic perspective on the results. These result statistics can be conveniently accessed from this page.

BISE Dera Ghazi Khan 9th Class Total Result 2023 Statistics:

The BISE Dera Ghazi Khan's 9th Class Total Result for the year 2023 comes accompanied by a set of comprehensive statistics, providing valuable insights into the overall performance of students. The following table presents a breakdown of the numbers, offering details such as the total number of students who appeared for the examinations, the number of students who successfully passed, and the overall pass percentage:

Grand Total
Appeared Candidates Passed Candidates Pass Percentage
107777 61400 56.96 %

Science Group 9th Result Statistics of Dera Ghazi Khan Board

This section will especially shed light upon the BISE DG Khan 9th result 2023 statistics of science group students. For those students who pursued subjects within the science field, these statistics hold a mirror to their collective performance and accomplishments. The data encapsulates essential information, including the total number of science group students who participated in the examinations, clarifying the scale of academic engagement within this field:

Appeared Candidates Passed Candidates Pass Percentage
103304 59002 57.11 %

BISE Dera Ghazi Khan 9th Class General Group Result Statistics:

The students affiliated with BISE DG Khan who choose to study in the 9th class under the general group can also discover the 9th class general group result statistics on this page. This will offer valuable insights into the academic performance of students belonging to the general group category. Furthermore, the distribution of grades attained by general group students is explored, shedding light on the highest grade achieved and showcasing the breadth of excellence exhibited:

Appeared Candidates Passed Candidates Pass Percentage
4473 2398 53.61 %

Bahawalpur Board 9th Class Result Statistics of Regular Students:

All students and their parents can view the overall result statistics on this page, which pertain to the regular students who took the BISE DG Khan 9th class board exams this year. A regular student can be a 9th class student from either a private or government school in DG Khan. Regular students enroll in schools and attend their 9th class education consistently through a proper school system. The result statistics can be found in the following table:

Appeared Candidates Passed Candidates Pass Percentage
81429 48593 59.67 %

Pass Percentage of 9th Class Bahawalpur Board Private Students

Welcome to the platform offering access to the 9th class private students' result statistics from BISE DG Khan. Checkout the comprehensive insights on private students' performance in the current year's 9th class board exams. These statistics highlight achievements and success rates for those attending both private and government schools in DG Khan. Informative subheadings like "Private Student Pass Percentage" and "Top Grades among Private Students" provide concise entry points to navigate the data effectively, giving you a clear overview before diving into specific details:

Appeared Candidates Passed Candidates Pass Percentage
26348 12807 48.60 %

9th Class Result Statistics for All Dera Ghazi Khan Districts

Gain valuable insights into the BISE Dera Ghazi Khan 9th Class Result Statistics across various districts through the provided table. This data offers a holistic perspective on the performance of students from diverse regions in their examinations. The statistics facilitate a comparative evaluation of accomplishments, pass rates, and subject-specific scores, enabling a nuanced comprehension of academic patterns within the distinct areas under the purview of BISE Dera Ghazi Khan.

Districts Appeared Candidates Passed Candidates Pass Percentage
Layyah 25152 13546 53.86 %
Muzaffargarh 26629 17452 65.54 %
Dera Ghazi Khan 17407 9010 51.76 %
Rajanpur 14867 7431 49.98 %
Kot Adu 15211 9382 61.68 %
Tounsa 8511 4579 53.80 %

BISE Dera Ghazi Khan 9th Class Result Statistics of All Core Subjects:

The data compiled in the table below provides a comprehensive overview of the result statistics for the core subjects in the BISE Dera Ghazi Khan 9th Class examinations. These statistics highlight the achievements of students in the fundamental subjects that form the core of their curriculum, offering a detailed insight into their performance.

Subjects Appeared Candidates Passed Candidates Pass Percentage
Physics 105725 87093 82.37 %
Mathematics 105725 77317 73.13 %
Biology 91696 71369 88.19 %
Computer 14992 13222 88.19 %
Chemistry 105725 74690 70.64 %

BISE DG Khan General Information

The Dera Ghazi Khan Board of Intermediate and secondary education was established in 1989. It is a government body that holds the annual matric and intermediate exams. The districts under the jurisdiction of BISE DG Khan are Dera Ghazi Khan District, Muzaffargarh District, Layyah District, and Rajanpur District. Many candidates appear in the board's SSC and HSSC annual exams.

BISE DG Khan 9th Class Result

The candidates can get the latest updates about BISE DG Khan 9th Class Result 2023 from this page. Currently, the 9th class annual exams are being processed, and BISE DG Khan's 9th Class Result has been announced. The result of the private and regular candidates is announced simultaneously. Besides this, the board also ensures to maintain transparency in the exams and announces the result in a crystal clear way.

Ways to Check 9th Class Result

After its announcement, the candidates want to check the result as soon as possible. To check the BISE DG Khan 9th class result, the candidates can use one of the following ways.

  • The candidates can check the 9th class result by name.

  • To check the result by roll number, the candidates must enter the roll number issued by the board.

  • Another way to check the 9th class result is by SMS, and the candidates have to send their roll number to the SMS code of the board.

  • The board also issues the gazette, and the candidates can check their results through it.


When will BISE DG Khan announce the 9th class result in 2023?

The BISE DG Khan board 9th class result 2023 has been announced in 22nd August 2023 at 10:00 AM.

Will the result be available online for candidates?

After the announcement of the result, it will be available online for the candidates, who can check it.

Can the candidates check the 9th-class results by roll number?

The candidates can check the 9th class result by roll number. The candidates have to enter the roll number into the bar available on the web portal of the board.

Does the board provide a mark sheet to candidates?

As soon as the result is announced, they provide the mark sheets to all candidates so they can get information about the marks obtained in annual exams.