Peshawar University (UPESH) B.Com Result 2016

Dated: 8/20/2014 3:12:35 PM   | Posted by: Hiba Tahir

 University of Peshawar began to function as a control member in 1950. According to the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, the University enjoys a position in the top quarter universities. The University offers educational programs Graduate, undergraduate and graduate. The University is enjoying a great name and status among the country's universities

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 Thousands of applicants apply to take admission in the University in different programs.

As exploration and reaching the establishment concerned, underwent educated authority and grandeur while advancing learning and transmit that information to their alternates. . Push the University crafts, attractions, the country's economy, serves to constituents through open systems and is given to meet the human asset value for improving the nation driven learning.


Like every year, this year the University has conducted its annual B.Com exams in June, while announcing the date for these exams in May. tests are usually performed after annual reviews of BA and BSc. The University announced the results of these tests in August. So students who are awaiting the results eagerly awaiting it’s going to be the end now because college soon declare the results.

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