Shahbaz Sharif Says We are peoples’ servants

 Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif Sadr arrived in Rawalpindi with no protocol for inspection of Metro Bus Project Rawalpindi-Islamabad early in the morning, he held a seven-hour long visit, and chaired a briefing.

The chief minister went by Metro Bus and some places Ordinary Mountain, and inspected the entire route of the project and took stock of the construction work being done.

Members of national and provincial assemblies and administrative officers were also traveling in the Hills with him. He said the time for protocols which consisted of a long caravan of vehicles has passed and now the minister, ministers and the bureaucracy will have to serve the masses to become its servants in the real intelligence, like him.

He inspected the bus station Metro Pak Secretariat and track tunnel through the mountain in Islamabad. He gave instructions not to stop traffic anywhere during your visit and traffic flow continued as routinely on all roads during the visit.

Seeing the CM, the people of the twin cities expressed pleasure and welcomed shaking their hands. During the inspection of the bus station of Faizabad subway and other places, who shook hands with workers and workers involved in construction work and appreciated his performance.

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