Homeschooling Mentoring and Support

 Mentoring and support groups are a great way to meet other homeschoolers in your area. They give parents the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from reliable sources. These groups have a variety of different kids who are different ages. Therefore, parents of these children are able to mentor new mothers or fathers in their next step if they need help. Will and Sue mentors enthusiastically recommend that they and their children had throughout your trip homeschooling:

When going around in different camps or outputs, the other parents really become mentors for children and that is very valuable and is the beginning of a relationship that extends the lives of children. Mentoring can be extremely important when they go to school or move away from home, these stable contacts have adults in their lives every year, who are interested in their lives. Mentors are there if they need help, advice, wisdom, prayer support or whatever. It is a relationship of trust. Its' been support for us and a stimulus for our children to have these other people. They are all very different, but all are able to contribute in their own way. To have that continuity is special. For example, we had Jono when he was a baby, and now is married Jono own children.

Parents homeschool Veterans groups in homes are becoming mentors new homeschool families. As a new homeschooler, and one you want to continue homeschooling unburned, it is vital to engage in a group home because they are the basis of training and support at home. Experienced homeschool parents take a role in education and starting new families in the routines of life as a homeschooler. For example, if the parents are not sure what to do for high school, other parent / s in these groups may suggest useful ideas or explain how they did it. In Canberra, for example, there is a secular (Home Education Network Canberra and southern plateaus or HENCAST) group and a Christian group (Christian Home Canberra Education or CHEC). This is just the beginning of the available groups, especially with the advent of Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites.

The homeschooled children also benefit from the influence of older mentors in their lives. These mentors can often be one or two more generations. May be the grandparents, friends or other parents homeschooling children who homeschooled spend time with. When asked if he had any mentors, homeschool student, Ben replied:

Yes, I did, especially when it came to construction. I have three or four friends now who are 60 years of age and older. Some have even gone now. They taught me lots and lots. I spent a lot of time in people's garages, tinkering away with a bird cage and all kinds of things. Mentors sat down and spent their time with me. The grandparents were also quite good. I spent a lot of time in the shed making metalworking ... welding pieces of tractors and the like as a child. My parents would be inside with grandma while I was spending time in the garage with Grandpa.


Homeschooling magazine and website are also other great resources and support. Journal of Education Network Home otherways gives father is a great opportunity for encouragement and advice in your homeschooling journey. Each quarterly issue is delivered in the mail (or alternatively can be downloaded online). Subscribers can also access all the previous issues printed. These publications are great to answer the many questions that the mom or dad has homeschool as well as increasing other issues close to his heart.

Facebook groups are a great way to ask questions and experienced fellow homeschooling parents. For example, the last three in the group forum "Homeschool Australia 'I participated in were:

Can anyone recommend or films based on historical events? Australian preferably but not too bothersome. - 51 responses

My 12yr old or has fully launched its sleep cycle out of control. Today was not going to sleep until 8 am. So not much learning is being done because when I'm asleep and awake when I'm awake he is asleep. How I can fix this? - 27 responses

or just I wondering What results can meet a hip hop workshop my 12yr old, years 6 child is doing? It is compose a beat, adding additional instruments for her, write a song and performing it. It also makes hip hop dance, aboriginal dance and learn about the history of rap / hip hop. - 4 answers

The range of issues, as you can see, are so broad and frank as can be. Many parents find the answer to their questions through these forums. This particular group has more than 2,800 members and is closely monitored by some members of the administration to ensure the group remains in the field. Most groups in Australia are closed groups, and require potential members to tell the administration a bit about themselves before their accession, in order to vandals or anti-education activists at home not together.

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