Eradicating polio Iran offers free vaccines to Pakistan, Afghanistan

 An Iranian delegation comprising the ministry of health and medical education officials arrived Monday for three days to explore options to expand cooperation with Pakistan.

The delegation is headed by Dr. Mohsin Asadi Lari, special assistant for international activities of the Minister of Health. Other delegates include Dr. Mahmood Reza Miribanjar, Vice Chancellor of the University of Medicine Zahidan in Iran and Dr. Akbar Asal Abdullahi, head of the Federal Drug Regulatory Agency of Iran. The allocation also included Fereshte Zeraati, who is director of communicable infections at the Ministry of Health.

A senior official of the Ministry of Health Services, Regulation and Coordination (NHSRC) who do not wish to be named, said the Iranian delegation held a meeting with the Minister of Health, Saira Afzal Tarar. It was hoped that the delegation to meet other international donor agencies on Tuesday (today) to offer their support as well.

The official said Pakistan and Afghanistan were recently declared an epidemiological block in terms of the fight against polio. In this context, Tehran wanted to support both countries to end this terrible disease.

From Iran produces a significant number of vaccines against polio, that is willing to offer the same for both countries, the more likely it is free.

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