English language at Cost

The switch was in spite of the realities on the ground were inconsistent. But a few months ago we learned that the government concern with and print textbooks had stopped until a decision on the query of language. We will soon know enough to decide how the new academic year is not too far. Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf of (PTI) manifesto promises that Inglés is taught as a language from scratch, but the language Urdu or maternal / mother tongue area remains the language of instruction.

This is what INITIALLY Announced If you took the reins of power in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. However, recently it was reported that they decided to switch to Inglés as a average of teaching. Since you have promised, to a uniform education system for the area, over time, at least, the policy to all schools in the province.

How many times have we changed the language of instruction in public schools in Pakistan? Why can we solve the problem for the medium and long term, if not incessantly not decide?

Political parties and governments to respond to a number of important discussions. Parents want children to learn Inglés. You feel rightly, mastering Inglés This is important to the type of opportunities that determine their children in life factor. This, at least partially explains why many parents send their children to private schools charge a fee, instead of the public schools that are free (apart from quality problems). Punjab switch to Ingles was partly to respond to ESTA concern of parents. Also PTI policy change seems an attempt to appease its the same constituency.

At the same time, educators are saying that there is sufficient evidence that the thoughts understanding children better if they taught at least in the first years in their native language or mother tongue. For most children in Pakistan, with the exception of some living in cities and who they are to go elite schools, the language spoken at home is not Inglés.

There is also the argument that our national Urdu language and should not endeavor to Ensure understood taught Urdu and across the country?

We don 't enough teachers Inglés WHO to teach than one language. To teach those social studies, math and science are not conscious of Ingles. As they are on terms to explain students in Inglés? Will they be able to make enough intuitive concepts? Are you able concepts of life and reality of students refer to when you are not comfortable asking to use the language they have?

This is what empirical studies show. Teachers usually Concepts Explain not good in Inglés To contact teaching in the dialect or Urdu, but then ask students to learn answers in English, so they reliably, a formal investigation in the years later.

Is it possible to bring the various objectives in accordance that the company seems to have? Is it possible that we acquire Inglés man, while at the same time that children in the local learn their language and / or Urdu?

Part of the problem lies with the governments accidentally (or do not want to be aware) that the resources for training consideration and discussion should not be to win with language. Children Inglés not learn if they taught in English social studies, science and mathematics. You learn Inglés Inglés as language learning.

If we have good language teachers, the children are to learn this language. And you will learn or understand science, mathematics and social studies If these topics are better in a language that they know well or know best conveys.

This is the problem. There are not enough good teachers to Inglés as a language. Governments, rather than on improving the teaching of Inglés as a language, use the means of issuing instructions to elite schools Inglés imitating medium so that they appear to address the concerns of parents Acerca access to Inglés. The result? Children learn Inglés. You do not learn math, science and social studies, still correct.

The reluctance of government is costly. When Punjab suddenly changed to Inglés as a medium of teaching, which made life very difficult for many teachers.

They were not comfortable in the language to distinguish his stuff in Inglés and did not know how to teach children Inglés. A number of Directors said, some of his teachers were discouraged enough to ask to be moved from teaching social studies or math Urdu or Islamiat.

Of course, we need a healthy debate and policy formulation. We need to separate the issue of language of instruction and the language. We must find better ways to teach Inglés. But we need to move in the direction of education in the local languages.



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