Cyber attacks against govt expose fatal cracks in Pakistan’s digital fence

 While the government focused on the fight against terrorism and extremism in the framework of the National Plan of Action (PAN), the threat of another appears on the horizon: electronic warfare. Dawn sources said that government assets are increasingly under attack by hackers and subversive elements that may be an attempt to steal sensitive or privileged information eavesdropping on communications.

The threat of cyber attacks sparked anger really to establish security in the country when, before the recent visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping, affected by the Qatari foreign ministry teams (FO) through cyber attack. That was the FO China table, which drew concern and says many of the big sources, the intelligence agencies investigating the nature of the attack.

Although the spokesman FO denied that something like this did not happen, and this account is not on the bigger picture: In coordination with governments, corporations and the military all over the world had gathered electronic steam and some attacks from the world's leading electronic security companies and attributed the recent series of attacks Cyber ​​at the state level to hackers sponsored by the Russian state.

In a report entitled "APT28: window to spy cyber operations in Russia," the leadership of network security attacks US company has tracked Fire Eye in government, defense and infrastructure for education in 26 countries, at least different, including Pakistan, according to the report, Russian used the technique hackers known as "phishing", which involves sending e-mail messages that the user can with the contents of his interest usually be an integral part of malware on it.

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